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I am an accomplished apostolic business executive who is passionate about advocating for and promoting empowerment in underserved communities. Known as “The Wealth Strategist -, she’s committed to closing the wealth gap by providing families and businesses with objective, actionable strategies to eliminate debt, create solid retirement plans, and accrue sustainable long-term wealth.

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The More You Know, The More We Grow

What is your
financial specialty?

My primary focus is on improving neglected communities by providing services that are underpromoted to them. This includes life insurance, debt elimination, and retirement plans, alongside traditional money management.

How is "building wealth" different
from saving money?

To build wealth is to create a foundation that you and yours can depend on long-term. In order to build wealth, your money has to work for you. Fortunately, getting started is easier than most people think.

When is it time to get
a wealth manager?

You do not have to be "rich" to manage your wealth. "Wealth"" means that those who come after you will not face the same base challenges that you did. Wealth management can begin the moment you make that choice.

Should I manage my
own finances?

Working with a specialist is the best way to take advantage of opportunities you may not otherwise be aware of. However, there are a variety of lifestyle changes that can set you on the path to financial security.

Leaving A

Planning for retirement, protecting your assets and preparing for the future means setting up the next generation of your family for success. Your loved ones, and even your personal goals, deserve to be secured.

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"J. Michell's skills and professionalism have been extremely helpful in planning to achieve our goals. Her most significant trait, in my opinion, is her persistence. She gets you to do the things you know you should do, but never seem to get around to."

- Grey Hamilton, 65

"She listens to your concerns and needs, she is so down to earth, smart, understanding, and I truly value her advice. You can tell she cares for her clients and their needs. She takes all the time with you that you need. Just a great leader and a great financial advisor!"

- Sarah Santos, 47

"I am currently working with J. Michell on insurance and retirement options. She has been extremely patient with me, she has answered my questions with knowledge, options and wisdom. She takes my circumstances to heart without sacrificing professionalism. I would highly recommend J. Michell Robinson to anyone."

- Frieda Harris, 50