Everyone deserves the opportunity to leave the workforce when they see fit, and enjoy the life they strive for every day. When it comes to your financial future, the most important factor in your favor is your age. J. Michell takes advantage of the time you have, with consistent strategies for budgeting, tax-advantaged retirement accounts and potentially boosting savings with matching funds offered by your employer.

Wherever your work or life leads you, I assist in managing your cash flow and allocating your resources, striving to help you reach both your immediate goals without endangering your long-term plans.

Your goal should be to begin building up enough assets to provide adequate income to meet your needs throughout retirement – accounting for factors like increased longevity, healthcare costs and inflation. To strive for this goal, you need a plan. That’s where I can help.

J. Michell Robinson can help you create a strategy for your retirement based on your resources and your ability to build your nest egg from your current assets. In addition, she will advise you on opportunities to expand your resources. When your money is working for you, your retirement will become more and more secure around the clock.