J. Michell's experience in wealth strategy, ministry, corporate ethics and community leadership have given her the privelege of sharing knowledge with the communities that need it most. Wealth strategy is a field that benefits people of all ages, and J. Michell Robinson uses her story as a tool to prove that anyone can get where they want to be from right where they are. Contrary to common beliefs, you do not have to wait for the right time to start thinking about your financial future. In fact, the more knowledge you gain early on, the more prepared you will be.

Let me tell you a secret. Regardless of your background, the right opportunity can change your life if you maximize it.

The thing about building wealth is that the way there is not a closely guarded secret. The answers are out there, in plain sight. J. Michell does not inspire people to be their best selves by converying hidden knowledge; she does it by telling them the whole truth.

As your guest, J. Michell will make it her mission to show audiences that there are no obstacles to creating a better life, and there is no timeline. You can start right now, with the resources you have. All it takes is the courage to want more.