Wealth disparity is not new. In fact, most families see wealth gap as an accepted an unbreakable part of life. The current global drive to address the wealth gaps in communities around the world continues to gather momentum, and financial advisors have proven to be key ingredients for success in this mission. They remain the number one resource for support needed by underserved communities. Wealth strategy can move you further forward, paving the way for breaking generational barriers and positioning you and yours for success.

The wealth gap can be attributed to systemic inequalities and discrimination, including limited access to financial resources, employment discrimination, and housing discrimination.

Resources needed to build wealth are, in fact, readily available to the communities that need them. However, without the drive to educate these communities on their opportunities, many people are not made aware of their resources and never get the chance to build wealth for their families.

It is the personal mission of J. Michell Robinson to change the table on wealth inequality by encourgaging people to take the first steps to building wealth. Her work in financial advisement is representative of an initiative to defeat the status quo through innovation, creative finance, and widespread access to information that will change your economic circumstances.