Many people are concerned about protecting their assets from potential creditors. But when people hear “asset protection,” they usually think about complicated trust structures. There are many different ways to protect your assets in advance of a creditor’s claim, ranging from simple to very complex. Oftentimes, the simpler solution will give you the protection that you need. J. Michell Robinson helps you protect your assets using innovative strategies designed for the success of commonly targeted communities.

In addition to insulating assets from creditor attack, asset protection planning can allow you to deal with future creditors from a position of strength, rather than defensively when your assets are at risk.

Asset protection techniques range in complexity depending on the size of your portfolio. No single document can cover all of the options; however, asset protection planning generally includes a review of the legal exemptions available and consideration of one or more protective entities.

Establishing an effective plan involves a thorough examination of assets, liabilities, family relationships, risk tolerance, and a number of other factors. Formulating the appropriate plan is best accomplished in consultation with an experienced wealth strategist. J. Michell has helped a multitude of clients secure their assets and protect their estates, and will do the same for you.