Building wealth, or even maintaining your income, can be made significantly more difficult by owing one or more debts, and this is something most people have experienced at least once in life. Making a plan for paying off debt starts by organizing your debt based on interest rate, terms, any tax benefits and other criteria. Debt management can help you figure out which debt to focus on first and how to lower what you pay in interest. J. Michell has experience both overcoming debt and developing actionable strategies to help clients do the same.

By creating levels around the types of debt, you gain perspective and are better able to develop a plan to tackle your debt depending on clear priorities.

Debt-focused wealth planners provide holistic financial planning services, including budget strategies, investment management, estate planning, and, in some cases, income tax preparation. A great wealth advisor works to ensure you have a better financial future and a more empowered sense of your personal finances.

From establishing financial goals in the short, medium, and long term, to creating a budget that identifies existing and potential financial problems, J. Michell can help advise you to create a plan of action for analyzing and reducing your debt. The process is not complicated, but it does require careful planning and consistency. Eliminating debt is a life-changing task, and the main purpose is to help you grow your wealth beyond what you owe.